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Hardlight Project

Post by Wiltheia on Fri Jan 22, 2016 5:52 am

The Hardlight Project

RUN DATE: January 7th-21st, 2016

ORIGIN: During the initial excursion to Draenor, the Tide met and befriended a artificer of Elodor named Zaakir. This artificer lated contacted the Tide and offered a trade; in exchange for assisting him with a consultation matter in Talador, the Tide would receive schematics and instructions on how to build a solid-light hologram system, in the same style as those used by the Draenei.

GOAL: To develop a interactive, tactile hologram system for educational and combat training purposes, replacing live opponents and inactive dummies while also reducing the risk of training accidents. As agreed upon by the guild, this is to remain the intellectual property of the Tide, and all financial gains from it should be from leasing the system's use to others, not selling copies of it.

-JANUARY 7th: A meeting was called to outline the project and discuss how to accomplish it. While most parts and the control system could be replicated by common Azerothian technologies, a few pieces and concepts required field work to acquire. The Tide discussed and voted on how to proceed.

-JANUARY 12th: To acquire the crystals needed to properly focus the device, the Tide negotiated passage into Deepholme with the Earthen Ring. Using specially prepared Shredder varients, the Tide was able to acquire a large quantity of crystals that were deemed useful to their purposes.

-JANUARY 14th: Part of the design called for the use of arcane barriers to provide a solid but flexible point of contact for the hologram. Deciding to gather multiple readings, the Tide split into two teams and set out to study two existing barriers; one at the Tower of Ilgalar in Redridge, the other the protective shell of a Eco-Dome in the Netherstorm. While problems native to the regions did crop up, in the form of gnolls and arcane anomalies respectively, the readings gathered were above and beyond what they had hoped for.

-JANUARY 19th: A major component of the program was requiring a base stock of movement and actions for the system to project. The simplest solution, it was decided, was to base it on themselves. With borrowed imaging devices from Zaakir, the Tide was able to acquire what they needed by organizing a series of sparring competitions amongst themselves; this data gave them a wide library upon which to base the system.

-JANUARY 21st: A group of volunteers came together and assisted in assembling the prototype system, a series of four emitters designed to function in sync. Using the parts and equipment gathered earlier in the project, they were able to assemble and install the system in the Tide training grounds. After further calibration and testing, the project was deemed functional, though futher combat testing is advised before it is used for it's intended purpose.

END RESULT: The project has been deemed a success, with a working prototype installed in the Tide's training grounds for use. Currently, combat applications are not availible as safety concerns are adressed, but we hope to amend this shortly.

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