Barrier Training -- Short Story

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Barrier Training -- Short Story

Post by Kaliendra on Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:04 pm

Well I've been poked a few times to put a story up here already, and sadly I don't have many to choose from that go with the new Kali. I wrote the following during a particularly slow day at work, and honestly it's more just some stream of consciousness writing I did to help feel out the training Kali has been getting than a proper story. Still, we all need to start somewhere and maybe having something here will help encourage more!


Well no one had ever said that training was going to be easy. In fact if she thought about it hard enough both Kaelden and Charles had made it very clear that learning the arcane arts was a difficult path. So far that difficult path had mostly consisted of lectures and readings, though there had been some practical trainings in the form of Blink and similar displacement spells. That had changed when she’d signed up for the Cryptic Tide in a desire to see more of Azeroth. Upon learning that she’d be taking up fieldwork, her teachers had decided it was time to fast-forward their training to more practical spells.

And that is how Kaliendra Airadale found herself face down in the dirt for the third time that morning, as her body groaned in protest. Abjuration was the focus of these new practical lessons, and the first on the list was barrier spells to help protect her from physical threats under the watch of Charles Erroby. When he had promised not to go easy on her, she had expected to be pushed in her ability to focus or maintain the energy of shields. What she’d gotten was three rigged dummies that liked to blast her with arcane bolts.

She was barely back on her feet when she heard the word “Dodge!” ring through the air. It was one of the two keys that told the dummies to fire at her, and she barely managed a hemisphere of glimmering energy before the first bolts connected. Now that her shield was up, the second key had the dummies continue to fire on the source of her energies. The shield took the beatings well enough at first though she knew she couldn’t hold for long at this rate. Rather than pushing until the shield shattered on its own, she began to shrink the area of the shield with a focus on the three points of attack. The shield turned to a crooked half-ring before a slightly off bolt went over the shield and struck her shoulder.

Stumbling back from the hit, the girl’s concentration broke and with it the shield. Two more bolts hit her in quick succession, another to the stomach and one to the back, sending her toppling down onto the ground again. Laying on the ground, Kali took a moment to compose her thoughts. She was sure she was on to something in reducing the area of the shield. It was allowing her to fortify the defenses where it mattered. She just needed to be able to adapt it when the bolts struck at a different place.

Thoughts racing for a way to use the idea, she slowly shoved back onto her feet with a weary groan. She braced herself, eyes on the dummies. She needed to watch them for this to work. Her hands began to glow as she channeled the energy for the shield, eyes darting between the three.


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