Runeweaver Legacy (Behind the Scenes)

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Runeweaver Legacy (Behind the Scenes)

Post by Kaliendra on Wed Apr 27, 2016 5:29 pm

So something Ast and I talked about while planning out the Runeweaver events was posting all the outline stuff we worked out on the forums once things were done. Give a bit of a behind the scenes look at what an event maybe looks like from the GMs view, at least for us. So without further adieu, I present our first event "Runeweaver Legacy". Notations will be placed in brackets as I look over this.

The Runeweaver Legacy

Having found mention of a line of mages dating back to old Arathor, Kaliendra approaches Astrelan and requests a trip out to Stromgarde to search for any sign of these mages and the relics of their past. [I like to open these with a little fluffy notes about how we got from A to B. It's useful to keep everything on the same page and just give a base to bounce off for the pre-event debrief.]

Encounter One: Toll’s Crossing

Having arrived at Stromgarde, the Tide begin to make their way into the city. However they barely make it passed the gates before they are waylaid by an individual in the colors of Stromgarde from the bridge above. A pair of guards also stand below to make sure the Tide doesn’t simply walk through. They demand a toll for those who would enter their city, in order to aid in reparations and support of those still struggling in the shadow of these ruins. [Again, fluff helps us remembers what kind of tone we're looking for with each encounter, as opposed to just having "bandit disguised as a guard asks for a toll". Having base motives and stuff also helps to write the character reactions to various things the Tide does and says, even if we don't plan for everything.]
The tollman is actually a bandit, a member of the syndicate who has obtained the colors of the Stromgarde soldiers and learned their patrols. He uses his position and disguise to stuff his own coffers.
Should the Tide pay he will allow them through and disappear without a word.
Should the Tide argue his payment, they will find themselves beset by a syndicate ambush. (Heavies in shoddy guardsman armor.)
[After that it's just a matter of showing some of the paths the encounter could go along with cause and effect. Ast and I agreed to focus on member-run progression through these events and enabling all the Tide's ideas, so I decided to keep these very minimalist and then improv any alternative options the Tide may take.]

Encounter Two: Another Toll

Now properly inside the city of Stromgarde, the Tide continues toward the western part of the city where they are set upon by another group in the colors of Stromgarde. They asks the Tide for a toll to pass further into the city, due to a quarantine.
This tollman is an actual member of the guard, truly looking to support those still within the city.
If the Tide pays him they will be given information on the tower, and warnings of Syndicate activities in the area. He tells the Tide of a raid on their supplies, and that not all guards should be trusted at their word these days. [This was a sort of after-the-fact acknowledgement of encounter one. The idea being it would help interconnect the encounters instead of them feeling stilted and separate, something that is harder than you might think with the stop/go system for events.]
If attacked and accused of banditry/falsehood the group defend themselves but are eventually defeated by the Tide.

Encounter Three: Runeweaver Brothers
[This encounter was the one that really set up the storyline, both for the next two events and for anything that would go forward. I immediately wanted an encounter where the Tide wouldn't just get to fight and brute force through and some back and forth of 'what if' scenarios with Ast eventually lead to the round-robin puzzle battle encounter I used here. In the end, peace and friendship won the day and it all got scrapped but sometimes people surprise you and your plans count for nothing.]

The Tide has finally reached their destination, an abandoned tower in the western part of the ruins. Things do not lay quiet though, and they soon find themselves face to face with three ghost mages who are not about to part with their relics.
Three relics, an Amulet, a Rod and a Book. [These were color-coated so that I could quickly glance to the notes and remember the mixed interactions. It meant I had specific colors to use for the markers in this encounter and I could quickly reference who was what color and how they needed to act.]
Each relic is tied to one of the ghosts in the following way:
Amulet - Matthew Runeweaver
Rod - Frederick Runeweaver
Book - Isaac Runeweaver
In order to dismiss the ghosts, the Tide must find a way to either exorcise the spirits or dispel their bindings to the relics.
Each spirit protects one of their brothers.
Matthew protects Frederick
Frederick protects Isaac
Isaac protects Matthew
The spirits can not be simply killed through combat, the Tide will have to find creative solutions to the problem.
The brothers will all need to be dismissed in quick succession or else the others will be able to guard the relic long enough for them to return. (One round window)
[Again, the Tide chose diplomacy in this encounter and so very little of my notes ended up being used. This pleasant surprise also threw off some future plans, but I think it made the events stronger for it. I'll be putting up the other two events later, as well as some NPC notes I've started to build in the interest of further events and relics, and developing the storyline of these mages alongside Kali.]

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