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Rune List!

Post by Wiltheia on Fri Apr 01, 2016 5:14 am

As of a recent meeting, the Tide has translated a number of magical runes! These runes can be cross combined for unique effects, or used individually! Have at it!

Fire – Elemental fire creation
Lightning – Elemental lightning creation
Ice – Elemental Ice creation
Water – Elemental Water Creation
Earth – Elemental Earth creation
Growth – Makes the subject grow
Embody – Creates a living creature of the subject
Weaken – Weakens whatever is effected
Shrink – Shrinks whatever is effected
Strengthen – Strengthens whatever is effected
Contain – Whatever is marked draws in and contains energy like a battery
Imbue – Same as contain, but can effect the outside world still
Drain – Draws away energy from around itself
Recall – Unleashes anything contained
Shape – Forms anything effected into a wall
Project – Launches energy forwards
Multiply – Multiplies whatever is effected
Unify – Turns many into a singular item
Channel – Continuously channels energy
Bind – Binds energy to a certain spot
Light – Draws on raw Light
Death – Creates a aura of necromantic energies
Arcane – Creates a aura of arcane energies
Life – Creates a aura of life giving energies
Spirit – Creates a aura of spirit-aspected energies

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