Runic Tablets Storyline

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Runic Tablets Storyline

Post by Astrelan on Thu Mar 31, 2016 4:24 am

Once the story line has completed, we will update this post with a fully fleshed-out description of the events, the rewards, and the entirety of the story. For now, this will be a brief outline to allow everyone to stay up-to-date.

Event 1:
The Tide explored Mogu ruins in the Jade Forest, and found a large amount of mogu and pandaren artifacts. The pandaren artifacts were returned and the mogu artifacts were kept by the Tide. This also established the Tide's objective of finding more artifacts similar to the ones they found, which displayed long-lost runic language and magic.

Event 2:
The Tide pieced together information from the looted mogu artifacts, and discovered clues which led them to Uldum.

Event 3:
The Tide went to Uldum, and split their operations into two parts, allowing them to search two tombs simultaneously. They returned with half of a runic tablet and large amounts of treasure.

Event 4:
The Tide split again into two groups to chase down those who had stolen half of the tablet at the previous event. One group went to the Feralas hot springs, while the other went to the Thousand Needles Speedbarge. The Tide returned with the half tablet and a map leading to a vault in Sholazar.

Event 5:
The Tide followed the map to the vault in Sholazar, and attempted to gain entry. They were heartily rebuffed by traps and defense mechanisms.

Event 6:
Seeking access to the vault, the Tide ran two errands for a group of Frost Dwarves in the Storm Peaks. One group subdued Iron Dwarves, while the other gathered storm cores from elementals. In return, the Tide was given an all-access keycard to the vault, and a keg of spirium (Melts metal).

Event 7:
The Tide returned to the vault, and managed to retrieve another tablet. They suffered many wounds.

That is the story so far. We will update this as needed as we go further! Hope y'all are enjoying so far!


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