One mother of a problem

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One mother of a problem

Post by Myliah on Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:57 am

((Been a while, so forgive my horrible storytelling))

The state of Myliah’s plain commoner’s clothing spoke well enough for her financial status, and the apartment was hardly big enough by human standards. It was amazing that a girl of her height and build could even manage in a home built in the Dwarven district, but to her, it was home. She’d been there for a few years now, and she’d managed to make the cramped place seem warm and inviting. There was a soft light given off from all of the various blue gemstones that she’d fixed to the wall and ceiling, the only bookshelf in her apartment was filled not with books, but lined with things she’d managed to bring with her from Outland, as well as things to remind herself of times on this world as well. Her father’s helmet, a small animated Naaru statue that gave off it’s own soft glow, various holy symbols and odd knick knacks.

Today, however, it was far from home sweet home.

It had been ten agonizingly long, awkward minutes since Christi had left the two women alone to talk in the cramped apartment, each sitting on either side of a rather small table. Myliah stared down at the softly glowing crystal lamp in the middle of the table, her hands clasped together in her lap. The glow of the lamp illuminated her features, including her many scars from her numerous battlefield injuries. Sitting opposite to her was Nesera, a woman whom shared an uncanny resemblance to Myliah, though her horns arched up, as opposed to Myliah’s more docile looking backswept horns, and her skin was a rich red tone. Her intense green eyes studied her surroundings before finally focusing on the bright silver eyes of the Draenei across the table. When she spoke, her voice was warm and calm, and the two spoke in Draenei to avoid My’s horrible butchering of the Common language.

“So, this is a nice place...a little small, though.” Nesera said, her clawed fingers tapping against the tabletop a few times. “I see you have your father’s helmet.”

Myliah looked up from the lamp to meet her mother’s gaze, her eyes narrowed and her expression guarded, it was clear that she did not want to be in this situation.

“What do you want, mom? You didn’t come here to talk about dad’s old helmet, get to the point.”

Nesera let out a sigh and smoothed out her expensive, dark red robes. “Myliah, I...I just want you to know that everything I did, I did because I care. I want what’s best for you, and-”

Myliah cut her off, annoyance and hate thick in her voice. “You want what’s best for me? You joined the legion and left dad and I, let him DIE, then tried to kidnap me and hurt my friends...because you want what’s best for me. Really.”

Nesera held up her hands in defense. “Myliah, listen, one day when you have a child, you will understand, your father...”

Myliah gripped onto the edge of the table, her clawed fingers now threatening to dig into the wood. “You don’t know anything of what dad went through! How would you? You LEFT! How long did you use him, huh? How long were you lying to him about what you really are? Did it feel good to betray him like you did? The man that loved you with every bit of himself, did you even love him back, you Manari piece of...” Myliah hesitated, trying her best to keep her anger in check.

Nesera’s eyes narrowed, anger practically radiating from her, and she spoke in a deadly quiet tone. “Don’t you...ever...question how I felt about your father, little girl. You think you know everything about us, but you don’t know anything at all.”

“I know enough to-” My replied, only to be cut off by Nesera.

“No, you don’t! You couldn’t, you don’t even remember most of your life, do you? If you did, you wouldn’t be the ungrateful brat you are right now!” Nesera spat at My, slamming her hand on the table for emphasis. “This is all your fault! Your father is dead because of YOU! Because you can’t accept what you are and learn to fucking control it! Tell me, how many times have you turned on your friends lately? I know you did a whole lot when I showed up before!”

My looked as if she’d just been slapped across the face. “...What? What do you mean, he’s dead because of me..? I don’t...I didn’t, he died from…” She trailed off as she wracked her brain, trying to find the memory of the day she had thought she remembered so clearly. “He died from…”

Nesera sat back in her chair, her arms crossing in front of her chest, crossing one leg over the other as her tail flicked back and forth. “Can’t remember, huh? Because I’m right, My. You may call me a monster, but at least I admit that I am. You fight the fact so hard that you practically force yourself to forget every little thing that you’ve done. Do you think you were some good little girl? No, Myliah, you were just as much a monster as I am now, and your father suffered for it.”

My’s voice faltered, looking around the room as she tried so desperately to remember. “No, I...I didn’t, I couldn’t have. Dad, he...he died protecting me, he…”

“No, My, you killed him.” Nes said, her voice once again going calm, her expression softening a bit. “I saw it happen, but I was so far away that there was no way I could’ve gotten there in time, opening a portal would’ve taken too long. I guess it was my fault, really, if I never left the two of you alone, I could’ve prevented it.”

Nesera let out a long sigh and stood, heading over to the bookshelf to pick up the dented helmet, leaving My looking dazed at the table. “He was a good man, believed that there was some good in everyone, his biggest fault, of course.” She looked down at the helmet and ran a hand over it’s surface, a sad smile on her face. “We met on Argus, just before Sargeras came...gosh, it’s been so long. He was such a terrible flirt, so awkward, but he was so sweet...and that body, hell, noone has been able to get me so giddy like your father could! But I won’t freak you out with THOSE details…”

Myliah stared at Nesera with a blank expression, looking through her rather than at her, silent as ever.

“Of course, he decided to join the group that fled with Velen and the Naaru, while I stayed and took the Legion’s promise of power. I didn’t think I would see him again, after that, but Kil’jaeden was so furious that Velen fled that he had us track the Draenei relentlessly...worked out pretty well for me, though, because I ran into him again after a few thousand years. I can’t remember the name of the world we found the Draenei on, it was some dark, dreadful planet, dry as can be.” She placed the helmet ever so gently on the shelf. “It wasn’t too long before Draenor, actually...anyway, there was a staged battle, with a bunch of us Eredar disguised as Draenei taken prisoner, a trap, you see. Naturally, the Draenei came to our ‘rescue’ and fought our demons, just barely escaping with us, more spies on the inside if you will. Your father recognized me right away, but...well, you remember what I said about him believing that there is good in everyone.”

Myliah cleared her throat, then finally spoke. “...W-what do you mean I killed him..?”

Nesera let out a short laugh, then headed to the door of the apartment and grabbed the knob. “Well, I think all of that will be a story for another time, after all, I need something to keep you wanting to speak with me.”

My quickly rose from her chair, knocking it over. “No, wait, I-”

Nesera didn’t let her finish as she opened the door. “See you again soon, My.” She turned to look at her daughter and gave a warm smile and a little wave before she stepped out the apartment and closed the door behind her, leaving Myliah alone with her thoughts, with more questions than answers.


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The family secret

Post by Myliah on Fri Apr 15, 2016 11:15 am

((Placeholder for a soon to arrive update))


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